Rathnew, Co. Wicklow

Fiat 500

The smartest, sassiest and most seductive city car

Legends don't grow old: they change. That is why the 500 has an updated exterior, interior and technology. Because perfectionists are always trying to scale new heights of perfection.

From €16,495


So smart, so beautiful.

Beauty is one thing, intelligence is another. Looking for the perfect package? The design of the Fiat 500 is strongly tech-driven. It incorporates the latest generation Uconnect radio, redesigned dashboard controls and a centre console. The result is an updated legend with the same personality as ever.

500 Haute Couture

The 500 doesn't follow trends, it sets them. That is why the interior has been refreshed with materials and fabrics from the trendiest catwalks. Choose from the trim levels offered by the Pop, Lounge and Sport versions: from Scottie check to the all-new burgundy leather, you can't go wrong with the 500.


Airbag: 500% safe

Count on it: this is the 500, the compact car that has its passengers at heart. Your safety and that of your friends and family are assured thanks to 7 standard front and side airbags

Always in control​

Drive with peace of mind: with the 500 you have total control even during emergency manoeuvres or on slippery surfaces, thanks to ESC stability control with ABS and Hill Holder.


500 -Petrol Engine 1.2 69HP Start & Stop


12.9 ACCELERATION (SEC.) -0/100 KM/H