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Talento Goods Transport

Success has many forms: transport them all


Power, reliability and low running costs for moving goods, people and work, both in and out of the city. A wide range of Euro 6 engines help you work safely and make the most profit.


ABS with EBD and HBA

The anti-lock braking system, integrated in the braking system prevents the wheels from slipping regardless of the road surface or the braking intensity. The EBD, electronic brake force distribution, distributes brake force between the front and rear axles to optimise efficiency. The hydraulic brake assist, integrated in the ABS, analyses the braking speed and increases intensity relative to the pressure of the foot on the accelerator.


The Trailer Stability Assist system guarantees stability even when towing. If the vehicle skids, the TSA automatically regulates the engine's power and the braking force on each wheel.

Hill Holder

Automatically holds the vehicle for several seconds without you having to press the brake pedal, the Hill Holder makes hill starts easier, even with a full load.


The Electronic Stability Control intervenes in emergency situations, for example sudden manoeuvers to avoid an obstacle. It monitors lateral acceleration, speed, grip and steering angle. It processes the data and, if necessary, regulates engine torque and the braking system to restore perfect stability to the vehicle.


Is the innovative traction control system that lets you tackle challenging surfaces, snow, ice, mud and wet grass, eliminating the extra weight due to the friction of the all-wheel drive. If the drive wheel slips, Traction+ transfers torque to the wheel with the best grip.

Driver's side airbags

Safety when driving comes above all else. Talento protects the driver with airbags as standard, that are activated automatically in the case of impact.

Passenger airbags

An essential optional extra to guarantee maximum safety for your passengers. The front and side curtain airbags keep everyone on board safe.

All-season tyres

Available on request, the all-season tyres guarantee maximum grip on diverse weather and road conditions. Safety 12 months of the year

Dusk and Rain sensors

The rain sensors activate the windscreen wipers and regulate their speed, depending on the intensity of the rain. The dusk sensors automatically activate the low beam when the outside light is insufficient.

Key Features

  • Wheelbase 3,105 mm
  • Load volume 5.2 to 8.6 m3
  • Max Load Length 1,898 mm
  • Max Load Height 1,391 mm
  • Payload Up to 1,266 Kg
  • Rear Door Width552 mm